Month: April 2020

What to know about Cannabis Legalization In the USA?

Meta Description: The Cannabis Industry is booming in the country. From increased job opportunities to growth in revenue it’s the future. The article highlights the key things to know about it.


Cannabis legalization has led to the country’s economy growing enormously. The jobs created are growing with each passing year online dispensary Ganja Express.

The number of states that have passed the law of legalization have been growing. A majority of the states have passed law for medicinal purposes as compared to recreational.

The article states what you need to know.

The GDP of the Industry projected to be greater than at least various states combined

The numbers expected to be generated from the Cannabis Industry in the coming years is high. The projection is comparable to the revenue combination of at least various states.

The Cannabis Industry employs more than 5 times the Coal Industry

Based on research, the members directly employed in the Cannabis Industry is greater than that of coal Industry. This is minus the jobs indirectly linked to the industry.

On top of that, the projected number of employments is greater than the Steel and Iron Industry.

The Average Salary in Cannabis Industry Is greater than that of the Average Salary

The Cannabis Industry is generating higher salaries than that of a normal citizen in the country. This makes it very attractive.

Large Investment of about 10 billion dollars in the North American Marijuana Industry

The Investment is set to grow by 6 billion in the coming years.

A Colorado County generated high revenues

The region enjoyed an economic boom from the revenues generated in the past year. In some regions of the state the population numbers correlate well with the revenues generated.

Before Legalization the Policing Cost Amounted to About 4 Billion dollars

The legalization has saved the police a huge sum of money. The arrests done before legalizations amount to around 8 million.

By the laws being passed, it has caused the numbers to drop drastically.

Majority of The Marijuana Sales Are in The Black Market

The Cannabis Industry generates high revenue yearly. However, around 15% is from legal purchase the rest of it is from the Black Market.

Considering the aim of legalization is to reduce purchase in Black Market this is a negative trend.

Legal Marijuana Sales Alone Topped Sales of Oreos And Organic Produce

The revenues generated by legal sales is more than the revenue combination of Oreos and Organic produce. This is still a positive to continue investing.

The demand for marijuana is greater than that of video game and doughnuts. This means the potential to grow is endless.

The Cannabis Industry is proving to be a lucrative business. With the legalized states set to grow with the coming years the revenue and jobs created will grow.