Benefits Of CBD In Pain Relieve

The case for alternative medicine in today’s chronic disease management has been on the rise, calling on the establishment to rethink policy. As mainstream medicine falls short at times in mitigating acute pain in patients with chronic diseases, patients have sought relieve from alternative sources. With a number of positive reports, interest in such alternative medicines has peaked and people want to know more. One such alternative is the Shivabuzz cannabis based Cannabidiol or CBD.

Cannabis has been trashed in the past as an addictive recreational drug and classified as illegal. However, emerging evidence indicate presence of pharmacotherapautic properties in cannabis. Two active ingredients in cannabis namely Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol are of interest in this regard. The CBD is especially key in pain relieve as it is non-psychoactive, and more a sedative in nature. Generally, health authorities have tended to lean more towards synthetic versions of this compound with data on efficacy while ignoring the botanical alternative. Whereas authorities prefer synthetic cannabinoids for safety reasons, patients find them inordinately expensive and prefer instead the botanical one.

So, regardless of which type synthetic or botanical cannabinoids it is important to evaluate their benefits in pain management. Most cancer patients suffer adverse side effects of chemotherapy causing excruciating pain, loss of appetite, and sleep. The CBD compounds are known to induce body relaxation, pain inhibition, and improved appetite giving one a warm calm feeling. It compliments and balances the body’s endocannabinoid system generating positive effects on the immune system, the heart, and brain. As good feeding is integral to faster healing, an improved appetite is important. Chemotherapy patients also suffer from bouts of nausea and vomiting which can be very uncomfortable indeed. The CBDs are known to greatly reduce this problem or eliminate it altogether.

A trend is emerging in the market where isolating these compounds is gaining ground. A process in undertaken to isolate the CBD compound from the plant’s full spectrum, such that a purified form of the CBD isolate is used independently. Recent findings however, indicate that this isolation weakens the efficacy of the CBD and that full spectrum extracts work well in synergy with the rest of the natural compounds from the plant. Cannabidiol may effectively improve movement disorder symptoms by inhibiting neurode generation and oxidative stress, conditions that lead to dyskinesia and Parkinson’s disease. This also helps relieve symptoms of psychosis especially in patients with bipolar disorders by altering neuronal activities of the brain. CBD’s relaxing and calming effect on a patient equally helps in inducing sleep and needed rest. It is advisable that you work with your health provider to figure out what works for you and in what safe dosage.