CBD In Tackling Pets Cancer

The news that your pet has cancer can be both frightening and traumatizing. The reality of the matter is that cancer is a condition that kills a huge number of pets. It is so bad that cancer has been recognized as the number one cause of death in pets especially dogs. There have been successful treatments for pets suffering from cancer. There are other types of cancer that are not curable and all one can do is try and make the last days or months of a loved pet as comfortable as possible.

So how do products help pet owners face up to the idea of a pet suffering from cancer?

  1. Reduces the pain

Cancer in pets is a painful ordeal just like in humans. As cancer spreads through the affected organs so does the pain increase immeasurably. CBD is known to be a natural pain reliever, and you can get CBD oil if you buy online from Tale of Two Strains. Once your condition is discovered and the doctor declares its terminal, the regular administration should commence. As the condition deteriorates one should increase the dosage and the frequency. This way a pet owner can ensure that the ordeal is less painful and the dog gets a quality life. Watching your pet suffer can be an antagonizing experience and unless you decide to put it out of its misery the last days should be as comfortable as possible. It is also important to note that is not enough when dealing with terminal cancer in pets. Other factors such as a comfortable environment matter greatly.

  1. Increases the life span

Once a vet confirms the inevitable that cancer your pet is suffering from will kill it, you don’t like to believe the news. Mostly you are given a timeline that the pet will not make a specific number of days. These numbers are not as accurate as expected. They can be shortened or increased by other factors. One of these factors is the use of CBD products Cannabis has the property of reducing the rate at which cancerous cells grow. Once you start administering the products to your pet, the cell reproduction rate per day decreases. Consequently, the specified days increase. It is, however, important to note that this is not a medically proven theory although most pet owners have remarked that administering CBD products to pets suffering from terminal cancer increases the number of days the pet survives.


There are efforts from various institutes to try and find out whether it is possible to use cannabis products to totally cure cancer. Success from these researches would come as a welcome relief for pet owners who are tired of losing their pets to cancer.  But for now, we can only hope for a breakthrough.