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Marijuana used to glaucoma treatment

Cannabis is also known as marijuana that is a psychoactive drug used for medical purposes. The use of cannabis is prohibited in most county but its is legal for medical use in other countries 

Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve which supplies visual information from the eye to the brain. Damage to the optic can result to permanent loss of vision or even blindness 

Eye is the most important part of our body and requires to be taken care of as its role is very essential. That’s why the ophthalmologist encourages eye damage to take immediate help for treatment. The doctors are always kene ,accurate and reliable while offering this service since if not treated on time a big damage may occur. 

Glaucoma is caused by poor blood flow, dilation of the eye and high blood pressure. And one is likely to get it if the person is over 40 years, have heart disease, poor vision or eye injury or even if the person has sickle cell anemia or other diseases. Some signs of glaucoma are headache, tenderness around the eyes, redness of the eye vomiting and nausea, eye pain , blurred vision among others 

Several doctors research has shown that glaucoma is caused by eye pressure known as intraocular pressure. Cannabis is known to lower the pressure on short duration since it only last for  three to four hours. 

People with high blood pressure are more likely to get glaucoma. Although cannabis is not recommended by many doctors, it plays a part by lowering the blood pressure and supplying to the optic nerve and releasing symptoms of glaucoma for a short time. Cannabis can effectively reduce the blood supply to the optic nerves thus leading to vision loss or total blindness within a short time as if it is to be used within twenty four hours and one has to take it at least eight times a day so as to lower the intraocular pressure. 

On people with glaucoma cannabis have some side effects such as immediate jump to the heart rate and expanding blood vessels which may result in redness of the eye. 

Although cannabis helps in relieving pain and inflammation in case of glaucoma, it is not recommended for pregnant people since it affects the developing baby and the oxygen the baby is receiving thus being at risk of surviving. Also the baby may have trouble with memory and concentration. 

Cannabis can be used for both long term and short time effects depending on how you take it, how often and how much. 

Since technology has improved and treatment has been made accessible and affordable I would suggest one to follow doctors instruction when with glaucoma 

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