Month: October 2020

Get to know about Cannabis and liquid/drink options

When you hear the words ‘cannabis sativa’ more popularly known as weed or marijuana, the images that come to mind are those of people puffing away on rolls of the substance. Years ago they mostly used to smoke it, then they began to eat it and right now the liquid and drink options are speedily penetrating the market in ever increasing measures. These liquids and drinks are manufactured by infusing different fluids with Cannabis components. The THC component of Cannabis is psychoactive and therefore fluids infused with it have the capacity to give users a high. The CBD component of Cannabis is non-psychoactive and therefore fluids infused with it only affect people by opening them up to a number of health benefits. 


Drink options 

The Cannabis drink options have been on the scene for quite some time now with the industry growing steadily as the drinks continue to be refined . This growth has culminated in a current massive influx of the drinks in the market, all prompted by the recent legalization of Cannabis buy here. This influx can be attributed to the rapid development of infusion technology. The challenge that presented itself in the manufacture of these fluids was the presence of components in Cannabis that do not readily mix with water. Though these components are soluble in alcohol, the general push today is towards a little or no alcohol society. The industry has witnessed continuous breakthroughs in the development of watersoluble formulations since 2017 which has aided this move. 


Examples of drink options 

  • Cannabis wines 
  • Cannabis beers 
  • Cannabis health juices 
  • Cannabis tea 
  • Cannabis coffee 


Liquid options 

When very high levels of Cannabis components are infused into alcohol, the result is liquid tinctures. These tinctures are usually vaped or inhaled. This is achieved by putting the liquids into little electronic gadgets that heat them up and cause vapor to be released which users can then inhale. 


Examples of liquid options 

  • Cannabis oils 
  • Liquid THC 
  • Liquid CBD 


Why the Cannabis liquid/drink options? 

  • Some people have an aversion for smoke and smoking but are attracted to Cannabis itself. These fluid options allow them to taste or use the drug without having to smoke a joint. 
  • Fluids are more easily absorbed by the body which makes them the friendlier choice. 
  • Due to the fact that the body readily absorbs fluids, the effects of the drugs are felt faster. People looking for a quick high often prefer this option. 
  • The effects of the fluid options also do not linger. They give a quick high and allow for a quick recovery, the kind of thing that light users are looking for. 
  • Cannabis liquid/drink options can be consumed discreetly. You can easily maintain your inhaling and drinking as a private affair: Nobody else has to know. 


As it is with the use of all drugs, there are many dangers and side effects that follow. It is wise to consider them before you indulge.