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How Cannabis Users can Stay Healthy during Corona Virus

The greatest pleasures surrounding cannabis is the puff-and-pass custom among its users Kush Oil. With the current world wide pandemic, this is a good way the virus could spread. Cannabis users are being cautioned against sharing joints, blunts and bongs while the virus is spreading. They should avoid sharing supplies and not to use anyone else’s. Users suffering from diabetes, heart or lung diseases risk developing more serious complications from corona virus illness.

When fighting a cold or a flu, hot smoke is the last thing a human lung needs. People who are set on using cannabis during their illness should consider using edibles as that is a safer alternative. Stores are selling accessories for people who share equipment that will prevent spread of the virus from one person to the next. There are silicone mouth pieces or glass filters. This is an effective way to prevent putting your mouth where another patient’s has been. Just like everyone else, cannabis users are advised to stay in their houses and wash their hands for about 20 seconds.  They are advised to use delivery to get it than going for it from the shops.

There are people who are using it medicinally. They are advised to purchase flowers and edibles from trusted sources. It should only be purchased from licensed dispensaries where it goes through testing and is a dose. The best advice however is to avoid smoking anything. Office consultation is being prohibited too. Doctors talk to their patients while in comfort of their germy cars.

Users are being advised to get bong condoms funny as they look. This will prevent spread of the virus from the lips. The virus mostly spreads through the hands and so they should watch their cleanliness while holding a bong that others may have held too. Just like anyone else, they are to avoid crowded areas, not to shake hands and leave the masks for ill patients and healthcare providers. If possible also, they are asked to consider working from home. They should also reduce stressing over it. Study reveals that stress impacts the immune system. You need a strong immune system to fight the disease. So as they properly wash their hands, they should also reduce stress. Cannabis has always been known as a stress reliever. It shifts your attention from what you are currently thinking and zone out to other interests and engagements. Users are being advised to gather an at least 30 day supply of everything they need because no one knows when the pandemic will end. The shortage of supply will be an offset for some time and the cancellation of big events but this is for the benefit of the users and the community at large. The general advice conclusively is that they should avoid sharing of blunts with others or at least sterilize them before use. And they should not believe in the ongoing lies that cannabis cures the virus because there is no clear evidence that it really is the cure. They should also minimize their smoking.